We provide new opportunities

How do we work?

We are a dynamic, efficient team. We approach every job with maximum commitment and diligence, always offering a fresh and creative perspective. Our innovative thinking is the force that lets us achieve the unthinkable.

We are always looking for new opportunities to develop, improve our qualifications and achieve important objectives. Our company values ambition. However, we also prize good personnel relations and a friendly working environment.

Who do we look for?

We want to keep increasing our team with people who not only have the required expertise and experience but who are also empathetic and sensitive to our Clients’ needs. We look for people driven by a passion, whose primary professional goal is to continuously improve their skills and grow.

We have created a dedicated apprenticeship programme for students to provide them with a unique opportunity to acquire basic skills and practical knowledge of the insurance business under the guidance of our experienced specialists.

Brokers and people with experience in the insurance business are invited to work at one of our branch offices or at our head office in Łódź.

Grupa Brokerska QUANTUM

Grupa Brokerska QUANTUM Sp. z o.o. ul. Narutowicza 48
90-135 Łódź
tel. (42) 253 80 01 fax. (42) 253 80 10

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