Claim Handling Department

The Claim Handling Department employs specialists with many years of experience and professional expertise regarding applicable laws and insurance claim adjustment.

Our strengths include:


we have handled over a dozen thousand claims to acquire the practical expertise needed to provide you with comprehensive claim adjustment assistance


we are capable of handling 2000 insurance claims per year without compromising on service quality. This lets us provide comprehensive claim adjustment services


our team consists of people with many years of professional experience in claim adjustment, who are familiar with the applicable law and current court judgements. Our employees provide comprehensive claim adjustment services


we can assist you in claim adjustment procedures concerning all types of insurance offered by Grupa Brokerska Quantum


we gather all documents required to complete the claim adjustment process and submit systematic reports on the progress of the procedure and the current status of your claim; we are in charge of all claim adjustment activities


you will gain online access to a system where you can routinely check the status of your registered claim and generate a claim report in the form of your choosing


our experts guarantee high service quality and efficient work – insurers value our opinions on claim adjustment matters


we will use all available measures to defend your rights and enforce a satisfactory decision of the insurer


our Legal Office can provide a legal opinion on any disputed matter relating to your claims


your best interest is our first priority, and our approach has been appreciated on the market by Clients and insurers alike

Grupa Brokerska QUANTUM

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