Liability insurance

Coverage: third-party liability of the entrepreneur for personal damage or damage to property of third parties in relation to the entrepreneur’s business, use of property or marketing of a product (third-party liability for the product).
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Property damage insurance

Property damage insurance (PD) coverage of tangible assets in the event of physical damage due to the insured event.
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Technical insurance

This insurance protects construction plant and equipment as well as plant, tools, equipment and auxiliary facilities against external risks.
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Professional liability insurance

This insurance covers damage caused by the performance of duties in specialist occupations.
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Transport insurance

We have been specialising in transport insurance for over a dozen years, successively increasing our expertise and experience in this area.
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Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O)

D&O insurance provides the Company and members of its management and supervisory bodies as well as persons in charge of accounting with protection against claims related to their function.
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Cyber Risk insurance

Insurance against loss of data due to cyberattacks can transfer some of the risk related to this rapidly growing cyberthreat to the insurer.
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Trade credit insurance

Trade credit insurance is currently one of the most effective ways of mitigating trade credit risks.
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Surety bonds

Surety bonds, in addition to bank bonds, are a form of security for contractual obligations alternative to cash deposits.
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Vehicle fleet insurance

For over a dozen years, we have had a specialised team of motor insurance brokers who provide insurance for vehicle fleets in order to ensure reliable and comprehensive service.
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Individual insurance

The duty of the insurance broker is to negotiate the scope and cost of insurance based on its specialist knowledge and experience resulting from working with multiple insurance companies at the same time.
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Group life insurance

We all feel responsible for ourselves and our loved ones, and we all seek financial security in case of any unforeseen events. This is the reason why the popularity of life insurance never stops growing.
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Health insurance and medical packages

The interest of our Clients in private medical care keeps growing. These products are designed to help protect the health of the employees and their relatives.
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Food and agricultural insurance plan

The food and agricultural business is one of the major branches of Polish economy. It includes both the production and processing of food and the wide range of businesses providing supplies and services for the agricultural industry.
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