Why us

We are experts
who work for professionals.

We stand out among other insurance brokers because we are not afraid to use customised and innovative solutions and insure difficult risks.

Our Clients can expect comprehensive service provided by dedicated broker teams with expertise in the relevant industry. They will be offered access to a cutting-edge online platform to enable routine monitoring of insurance contracts, plans and products, payments and claim adjustment.

Quantum brokers are supported by our internal Claim Coordination Department and our legal office, which monitors all claims. We are aware that this is the critical point of our cooperation with our Clients, and we make sure to handle this with care.

Quantum is a perfect example of an efficient structure, where every link contributes to the common goal, i.e. the safety of our Partners. By providing professional and efficient service, we take care of our Client’s problems and let them work on self-development and enhancement of their business. We are experts who work for professionals.

Grupa Brokerska QUANTUM

Grupa Brokerska QUANTUM Sp. z o.o. ul. Narutowicza 48
90-135 Łódź
tel. (42) 253 80 01 fax. (42) 253 80 10
e-mail: sekretariat@quantum-broker.pl

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