Food and agricultural insurance plan

Food and agricultural insurance plan

The food and agricultural business is one of the major branches of Polish economy. It includes both the production and processing of food and the wide range of businesses providing supplies and services for the agricultural industry. The variability of this business results from factors such as, in particular: economic, political, weather and epidemiological conditions. Due to its dynamic growth, there is a need to ensure that risk management and insurance coverage are routinely adapted to the demands of the market.

In order to face these various problems, we have prepared insurance plans specifically addressed to producer groups, procurement groups, unions and associations.

Insurance products for the food and agricultural business

We prepare insurance plans for the broadly defined food and agricultural business: slaughterhouses, meat production, meat processing plants, fodder plants, farms of eggs for eating or hatching, dairies or vegetable and fruit processing plants.

Such plans may include:

  1. Property insurance of buildings and other structures, insurance of machinery and equipment, current assets (extended to include refrigeration risks) and equipment of production plants and farms of poultry an pigs.
  2. Insurance of animals against fortuitous events, diseases and death.
  3. Insurance of crops against specific risks, also with subsidies from the Ministry of Finance.
  4. Insurance against loss of income due to the covered types of property damage.
  5. Trade credit insurance.
  6. Product recall.
  7. Liability insurance for all entities involved in food and agricultural production.

Benefits of working with Quantum:

  1. Access to extensive knowledge of an experienced broker with many years of experience in food and agricultural insurance (our Clients include leading poultry brands, largest fodder plants in Europe, almost one thousand poultry and pig farms and meat and plant processing plants).
  2. After examining the producer’s business, we analyse the risks to make sure that everything is covered.
  3. Preparing customised plans corresponding to the type of production.
  4. Implementing procedures, where accepted by the Client, to mitigate the risk of damage.
  5. Providing advice on claim adjustment and pursuit of claims.