Group life insurance

Group life insurance

We all feel responsible for ourselves and our loved ones, and we all seek financial security in case of any unforeseen events. This is the reason why the popularity of life insurance never stops growing.

Since the formation of Grupa Brokerska Quantum Sp. z o.o., we have been preparing plans of group insurance, particularly group life insurance, created in response to the needs of employing establishments and their employees. This insurance is aimed at protection of health and life, and it provides financial support to owners of companies, their employees and their immediate family members. Our solutions will guarantee, in particular, suitable benefits in the event of death of the insured person or members of his or her family, consequences of an accident, e.g. permanent health impairment, inability to work or hospitalisation. We recommend a wide range of insurance to our Clients, customised to their individual needs and to the specific features of their industry, e.g. by including extra coverage, i.e. serious disease, surgical procedures or specialist treatment.

At the moment, group life insurance is a commonly expected employee benefit, which means that all employers who enable their employees and their family members to accede to a group life insurance contract make a contribution to their good reputation and gain an advantage on the market without having to increase wages. Correctly designed life insurance also helps you in fulfilling your social obligations to your employees, such as providing the death benefits after the employee’s death.

We guarantee reliability and availability throughout the term of your insurance contracts. You will be offered comprehensive service, including an audit of existing insurance contracts and a thorough analysis of your needs. Our advice on how to choose the optimum insurance structure will be customised to the type of your business, the industry you work in and your personnel structure. We will provide you with a recommendation on the optimum group insurance plan, supported by an analysis of the market with consideration of the insurer’s reputation, claim adjustment procedures, financial situation, etc. We will also assist you with the implementation of the plan by organising marketing campaigns and meetings with the personnel. Throughout the term of the contract, you will receive support customised to your individual needs and instructions – we will appoint consultants who will be at the disposal of you and your employees. If you choose our services, you will also receive assistance with claim adjustment and payment for disputed claims.

For many years, we have been systematically developing our team responsible for this area of the dynamically growing insurance market, acquiring specialists with many years of experience in the life insurance business. The fact that we cooperate with all insurance companies on the market and our excellent knowledge of the insurance business and available insurance products are a guarantee that you will be offered insurance that provides maximum security, with the optimum scope and sum insured at the lowest possible cost.