Individual insurance

The duty of the insurance broker is to negotiate the scope and cost of insurance based on its specialist knowledge and experience resulting from working with multiple insurance companies at the same time. This is important considering the large number of insurance companies and their products, each of which contains individual and specific provisions. As an insurance broker, our services are usually bought by companies; however, we also assist our key Clients with respect to individual insurance dedicated to owners and managers. We make every effort to make you feel safe in the event of unexpected fortuitous events.

Insurance products:

  1. Private property insurance – insurance for a house, apartment, cabin, house under construction, utility building or fixtures and movable property inside such structures – providing coverage if they are lost or damaged by fortuitous events.
  2. Insurance for works of art, collections, antiques or jewellery.
  3. Private liability insurance – protection in case of third-party claims resulting from damage caused by the Insured Person and his or her relatives due to activities performed in private life, e.g. due to having and using real property, practising sports or having pets.
  4. Accident insurance (individual and group insurance) – providing compensation for health impairment suffered due to a sudden, unexpected fortuitous event.
  5. Tourist insurance – ensuring peace of mind during unexpected events that may occur on international trips, whether private or official. Coverage includes, for instance, a visit to a doctor’s office and hospital treatment, medical transport and coverage of costs related to lost baggage or delayed flights.
  6. Insurance of yachts, motorboats, skipper’s liability insurance, insurance of planes and helicopters, powered hang gliders, drones, carriages, antique vehicles, etc.
  7. Insurance of pets, horses, etc.

Benefits of working with Quantum:

  1. Professional advice and assistance with obtaining and managing your policy.
  2. Assistance in case of damage and insurance claims.
  3. Thorough analysis of general terms and conditions of insurance and, consequently, precise indication of both the strengths and weakness of the presented proposals. Specific events are frequently defined in different ways, which is particularly important in case of damage (e.g. the definition of a hurricane/strong wind used by one insurer may include wind at 13.4 m/s, and the same term used by a different insurer may only refer to wind speeds above 17.5 m/s).
  4. Proposals and recommendations customised to your individual needs.