Technical insurance

Plant and machinery insurance (CPM)

This insurance protects construction plant and equipment as well as plant, tools, equipment and auxiliary facilities against external risks.

Machinery breakdown insurance (MB)

This type of insurance covers machinery breakdown caused by, in particular:

  • Mishandling of machinery and equipment – e.g., operator’s error
  • Failure to maintain required current parameters, overvoltage or power failures
  • Casting defects, defective materials and faulty assembly

Construction and erection insurance (CAR/EAR)

We can manage the insurance risk of the project from engineering through construction to operation.

We design the CAR/EAR insurance plan so as to ensure the widest possible insurance coverage for complicated construction processes that generate a high risk of damage that could lead to significant delays and, consequently, high losses (coverage may be extended to include advanced loss of profit insurance – ALoP).

We provide comprehensive coverage to all parties to the construction process (project owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers of equipment / systems to be erected, manufacturers, banks and financing entities).

We specialise in the insurance of the following contract types:

  • Linear projects
  • Specialist engineering (e.g. microtunneling, impact moling, horizontal boring)
  • Drilling
  • Residential, commercial and industrial construction
  • Renewable energy sources