Trade credit insurance

Trade credit insurance

Trade credit insurance is currently one of the most effective ways of mitigating trade credit risks. In order to meet the demand of our Clients, we have extended our financial insurance team in January 2015. It includes professionals with over a dozen years of experience gained in the largest insurance companies. Presently, our Financial Insurance Office serves several hundred Clients from various industries.

We cooperate with the leading trade credit insurers domestically and abroad in order to provide you with an insurance plan customised to your individual needs, your business and your developing business strategy.

Trade credit is the most important form of credit in business transactions. Virtually all entrepreneurs sell their goods or services on a deferred payment basis. Since the obligations of the parties are not fulfilled simultaneously, the entity that meets them first (lender) bears the risk of the other party failing to fulfil its own obligations. In such a situation, it may suffer losses. From the perspective of the supplier, the risks include both delayed payments and insolvency of the customers after the transaction.

The dedicated Quantum team is looking for optimum solutions for you in order to ensure a balance between the trade risk and safety in trade credit.

Insurance products:

  1. Trade credit insurance in domestic and international transactions is a product dedicated to all companies that sell goods or services on a deferred payment basis. Coverage includes the following situations:
    1. Legal insolvency of the customer (e.g. bankruptcy, composition proceedings, express restructuring proceedings, etc.);
    2. Long default in payment.
  2. “TOP UP COVER” insurance, i.e. excess liability insurance to cover the missing amounts of the credit limits under the basic policy.
  3. Non-marketable risk insurance, insurance of receivables from countries with a high level of economic and political risk.
  4. Advance payment insurance.

Benefits of working with Quantum:

  1. We examine the specific aspects of your business in order to provide you with a “tailor-made” policy, dedicated to your industry, customer structure, business type and risk appetite.
  2. We conduct a thorough audit of existing insurance contracts.
  3. We prepare customised requests for proposal in consultation with you, addressed to leading trade credit insurers in Poland and abroad.
  4. We analyse the documents we receive in the context of your previously identified needs, negotiate the parameters and specific provisions of the policy.
  5. We recommend optimum solutions that best meet your needs.
  6. We conduct training for your personnel who are directly in charge of the contract and provide assistance at every stage of contract performance.
  7. We are actively involved in claim adjustment.