Transport insurance

We have been specialising in transport insurance for over a dozen years, successively increasing our expertise and experience in this area. You can expect access to the latest, economically optimal solutions to protect all aspects of your business.

We guarantee professional approach to every Client, providing an insurance proposal customised to their individual needs, with the widest possible coverage.

In case of the insured event (damage), after analysing the circumstances of the particular case, we report the claim to the Insurer on behalf of the Insured Party, help in determining the extent of required documentation and monitor the claim adjustment process. If the claim is denied by the Insurer, we appeal against the Insurer’s decision in consultation with you, pointing out relevant reasons to make the Insurer reconsider its position.

Transport insurance in domestic and international transport can be broken down into the following three categories:

Carrier liability insurance in domestic or international transport (OCP)

This non-compulsory transport insurance is recommended for all entities that transport goods by road domestically/internationally for a fee under carriage contracts based on packing lists. In domestic transport, insurers usually adhere to the Transport Law, and the CMR Convention is applicable to international transport. The insurance covers the third-party liability of the carrier for damage to goods accepted for transport done during the performance of the carriage contract. Coverage in this insurance includes the following: liability for goods lost or damaged from the time of collection for transport until the issue to the recipient.

Property insurance in domestic transport (CARGO) or international transport (CARGO ICC)

This insurance includes all kinds of losses and damage of any cargo, e.g. goods, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products to be sold. Such property is owned or held by the Policyholder. CARGO insurance covers damage due to fortuitous events such as: torrential rain, explosion, hail, hurricane, avalanche, land slide, flood, fire, robbery, lightning, vandalism, transport accident, etc.

Forwarder liability insurance (OCS)

Forwarder liability insurance includes third-party liability of the forwarder, i.e. protection of the forwarder against consequences of the improper performance of the forwarding contract under the Civil Code. However, it does not cover the costs of damage to the goods attributable to the carrier. Such activities include, in particular, the preparation of documents for shipment of the goods, customs clearance, loading and unloading.