Vehicle fleet insurance

Vehicle fleet insurance

For over a dozen years, we have had a specialised team of motor insurance brokers who provide insurance for vehicle fleets in order to ensure reliable and comprehensive service.

Good insurance has to correspond to your needs. Therefore, before purchasing a motor insurance package or extending your insurance with your current insurer, you should make sure what you really need.

As the insurance broker, Grupa Brokerska Quantum Sp. z o.o. helps Clients who look for insurance coverage by recommending the optimum solution, customised to the Clients’ needs.

We handle all fleet insurance administration (premium instalment due dates, information about upcoming roadworthiness tests, information about upcoming expiry of contracts) and after-sales service (accounting for overpaid insurance premium, information about the disposal of the vehicle, termination of compulsory insurance, etc.).

Currently available insurance products in this area include the following:

Compulsory liability insurance for motor vehicle owners (OC)

This is compulsory insurance that has to be paid by a vehicle owner no later than by the date of vehicle registration.

This insurance is regulated by the provisions of the Compulsory Insurance, Insurance Guarantee Fund and Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau Act.

The aggrieved party is entitled to damages under motor insurance when the owner or driver of a motor vehicle is obliged to pay damages for damage caused by the driving of this motor vehicle resulting in death, bodily injury, health disorder or property loss, destruction or damage. This insurance covers the third-party liability of any person who causes a damage by driving a motor vehicle during the term of insurance liability.

Fines are charged if you do not have a policy, and their amount depends on the type of the vehicle and the period during which the vehicle has not been insured.

Excess liability motor insurance

Ensuring the financial security of your company with respect to your vehicle fleet requires careful and deliberate planning. Having a fleet means a high risk of damage caused by motor traffic.

The Polish law specifies the liability limits under the basic, compulsory motor liability insurance; however any damage in excess of these limits has to be covered by the perpetrator. In some cases, the amount of damages may exceed the limits under the basic policies several times.

This insurance is primarily aimed at owners of truck tractors, large vehicle fleets or persons frequently driving outside of Poland.

Own-damage insurance (AC)

AC insurance is primarily designed to compensate the aggrieved party for costs of vehicle repair if it suffers partial or total damage – usually due to an impact or collision with another vehicle or object outside the vehicle, e.g. a tree, fence, building or animal, caused by the driver. AC insurance may also include protection against vehicle theft, theft of items or burning of the vehicle.

Guaranteed asset protection insurance (GAP)

GAP insurance provides protection against a financial loss in the event of a total loss of the vehicle caused by an accident or theft. This insurance protects, in particular, the interests of persons who purchase a new vehicle on finance or lease it. There are three types of GAP insurance: return to invoice GAP, finance GAP and index GAP.

Accident insurance (NNW)

This insurances covers permanent consequences of an accident resulting in bodily injury or health disorder causing a permanent health impairment or death of the insured person.

Assistance insurance (ASS)

Under this insurance, specific services will be provided to you in the event of an accident, theft or breakdown, e.g.: repair on site, delivery of fuel or starting the engine (e.g. in winter), extra towing, renting of a replacement vehicle, accommodation in a hotel, providing means to enable continued travel or return home as well as other services where assistance is provided at the insurer’s expense.

Additionally, in order to provide more comprehensive insurance coverage, our Clients may also purchase Truck Assistance insurance through us. This is a new type of motor insurance where you will be provided assistance in the event of an accident, breakdown, punctured tyre or theft of a truck with the permissible maximum laden mass of 3.5 tons, semi-trailer, trailer and truck tractor.

Glass insurance

Glass insurance guarantees coverage of costs and quick replacement or repair of car glass. If you purchase coverage for this risk, no damage to the glass of your vehicle will affect your damages paid as coverage of a risk under the own-damage insurance, meaning that your premium will not be significantly increased in the following insurance year.

Driver’s legal protection insurance

With this policy, the risk of expenses related to asserting your rights in court will be transferred to the insurer.